Frequent Questions

1. Why now?

God continues to bring people into our community, and we are out of options to expand our facilities in our current location, especially when it comes to appropriate space for our children and students. We are two years out from being in the new facility. The longer we wait, the larger the opportunities we miss, and the more expensive the construction cost will be.

2. When will we move into the new facility?

Ideally, we would start construction in the summer of 2019. With a 12-14 month construction timeline, we are looking to the fall or winter of 2020 as a move-in target.

3. Why are we buying 5 more acres?

Because the price to exercise our option is only $40,000 an acre, and land prices on San Gabriel Parkway are over $100,000 an acre, our elders believe it is in our best interest to exercise our option.

4. How are we going to pay for all of this?

Through our 3-year capital campaign (GROW TOGETHER) and long-term financing (mortgage loan), we have a plan to move forward in faith without doing something foolish. You can see the speci cs of our strategy on the FINANCIAL PLAN page of your Participant’s Guide.

5. Why are we doing a capital campaign?

Our capital campaign raises designated money (over and above people’s regular giving) for the construction of phase one. Over three years, each of us can give far more than we might imagine. The capital campaign gives each family the time and focus they need to hear from God and commit to what He is leading them to contribute.

6. What if we don’t receive the full $2,000,000?

If we don’t raise commitments for the full $2,000,000, we have two options. First, we can scale down our project. Second, we can explore the wisdom and feasibility of taking on additional debt. If we fall short, our elders will consider the options available to us, and present the church with a path forward.

7. What if we receive more?

If we receive more than our campaign goal of $2,000,000 we will be able to reduce the amount of long-term debt.