Imagine weekly opportunities to GROW TOGETHER in a place designed to celebrate the character and activity of God; in a place that puts His great name in a great light!

Imagine the next generation of kids and teenagers becoming the next generation of leaders in the church and in the world because we provided age-appropriate spaces to GROW TOGETHER and become all that God created them to be!

Imagine providing adults with multiple equipping venues during the week that enabled them to GROW TOGETHER in their ability to impact their relational world with the Gospel, and equipping them to experience LIFE in healthy ways in their faith, families, nances, freedom, and future leadership!

Imagine loving our community as we GROW TOGETHER by providing a strategic meeting place throughout the month to our city leaders, police and fire departments, school district, area non-profits, and others who are serving our community!

Imagine, just for fun, explaining to a friend how to get to our location in one sentence, so we can GROW TOGETHER!

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